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The culmination of a demanding 9 day trek in the Himalayas, the Everest Test is a competitive Twenty20 cricket match at 5165m on Mt Everest. Pushing the physical and mental boundaries of conventional sport this expedition will officially set a world record for the highest altitude for field sport. The team will face multiple challenges in both reaching the plateau of Gorak Shep, such as Acute Mountain Sickness, and attempting to competitively play sport with only 66% the oxygen found at sea level. The expedition's success lies in a committed combination of adventure and teamwork, trust and tolerance. I NEED HELP WITH ALL THESE QUALITIES! The Lord's Taverners will continue to support those involved in the game of cricket long after the expedition finishes. The grassroots level needs to be encouraged to grow, and this will increase people's enjoyment of a game that develops many top life skills in those that participate in school, club and community based games.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

I've given in to pressure...

34 Days to go..
Having been completely rubbish at this blog thing I intend on coming out of the shell and starting a trend of telling you all about the preparation for this awesome opportunity. 


Probably my strongest area, today's efforts will be pushed through a 10 mile run in preparation to the Bath Half Marathon next weekend. The target of all this is to beat my brother, otherwise I'll be reduced to shame at the Campbell dinner table. 

Alcohol intake

Having been relatively low all week, due to conservative living, I'm probably breaking a host of vows for lent tonight by joining the esteemed Wanderer's Social Hockey movement with a couple of 'small' pints in the coming hours. Clapham Junction should anyone want to join. 

Cigarette intake...

None...don't smoke! Should be clear unless I start wanting to look like a cool James Dean, having enjoyed the above paragraph too much. Damn those hockey boys...and girls.

Actions for the day...

Finally have got the fundraising off the ground and will continue to push this hard up until the set off date of the 9th April. Anyone wanting to help this can go to: 


Definitely feeling a little close to Bridget Jones at the moment but hopefully without the skirt...